Foreign Affairs




Foreign Affairs are a Country-Rock duo from Bristol, comprising of brothers Adam and Lawrence Purnell. The powerful, passionate vocal of younger brother Lawrence turns heads instantly but it is the carefully crafted songs and energetic performance that keeps them facing that way.

Between catchy choruses and close harmonies, you will ultimately hear an honest and raw country/rock sound, one that has inspired them over the years to create their own unique take on the genres.

"Lead singer Lawrence exudes a lot of Johnny Cash and a fair bit of Joe Strummer, along with a fine quiff and a great voice. Guitarist Adam makes their songs shine." TwickFolk
"A Bristol Band that you need to hear NOW" Fred Perry Subculture
"Very Good – Mysterious and Dark" Bob Harris, Radio 2
"“By moving away from the banjo, and relying instead on bass and electric guitars, Foreign Affairs distance themselves from thatMumford & Sons take on folk-rock and put their unique spin on the genre" Gigslutz

The First - Single

'The First' is the debut record from Foreign Affairs, featuring the BBC Radio 2 play listed single 'Sell My Soul'. The three track EP is the band's seminal piece of work, paving the way for their forthcoming recordings.

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